Sarasota VA Medical Clinic Pedestrian Access

Dear Neighbors:

There is no Pedestrian Access to the Sarasota Veterans Medical Clinic on Bee Ridge Road.  Pedestrians are forced to walk in the Parking Lot because there is no Sidewalk between the Clinic Entrance and Bee Ridge Road Sidewalk.

There have been several car vs pedestrian accidents in the Clinic Parking Lot.  More than once Clinic Nurses had to render aid to Cyclists injured by colliding with the Light Posts which obstruct the sidewalk.

The VA told me that they had met with the Leaser and agree that a sidewalk is needed.  However, they said the FDOT told them that they must wait until the FDOT completes a nearby Road Project.

Why is the FDOT so powerful that they can ignore Federal Safety Guidelines, misrepresent the ADA, and even stop the VA from adding a short sidewalk to Private Land?

This is very wrong!  Please contact Your Legislators and the Local News Media.

The below short video is about the lack of Pedestrian Access to the VA Medical Clinic on Bee Ridge Road in Sarasota, Florida.