Sidewalk Obstructions

                      Post obstruction Pedestrian Right of Way in front
                      of Blind Pedestrian

The FDOT is violating Sidewalk Obstruction Safety Standards (and committing ADA Fraud).

The FDOT told an ABC News Reporter that they can place Light Posts on the Pedestrian Right of Way as long as a Standard Wheelchair can pass by the Light Post.

 - The FDOT is misrepresentation ADA Wheelchair Pass By Standards as the Sole Governing Authority in the placement of Utilities.

  - The placement of Utilities are governed by FHWA Clear Zone Standards and Above Ground Utility Structure Placement Standards.  ADA Wheelchair Pass By Standards is a Secondary Safety Standard. 

 - The FDOT's claim of meeting minimum ADA Compliance Standards does not mean that they can just place Utilities anywhere on the Pedestrian Right of Way.  This is called ADA Fraud.

 - It is Highly Unethical and Unlawful to misrepresent the ADA in order to justify violating long established Sidewalk Obstructing Safety Standards.

 - Long established Law and Common Sense, says that Utilities should be placed in the Utility Strip.  When there is no Utility Strip available, Utilities should placed at the far edge of the Right of Way.

                      in Peace Charlie.

Update:  On September 25th, 2018, Lynn and Debbie McDermott's Great Pyrenees dog Charlie was electrocuted and killed while walking on the sidewalk.  Charlie had stepped on a FDOT Light Meter Pull Box. “He just started convulsing and shaking," described Lynn. "I put my hand down to try and grab his tail and my hand touched the top of the grate and it jolted me and at that moment I knew he was being electrocuted." ... "He started to foam at the mouth and at that time I knew it was pretty much too late,”

These Light Post Meter Box Covers on the sidewalks are often broken.  This is another good reason for utilizing the Utility Strip for Utilities and not our Right of Way.  ADA Fraud killed Charlie.  Rest in Peace Charlie.

Bee Ridge
                      Road Accident Map

Above is an image of where Pedestrian Accidents occurred on Bee Ridge Road where the Utility Posts obstruct the sidewalk.  Below is a Flickr Slideshow of the same corridor.  The Photos have been marked to indicate where the Posts should be located.  Please quickly click the > button and think about what it is like for children who ride their bicycles on this sidewalk.

Light Posts

What would happen if a Business or Resident put a Light Post in the middle of the sidewalk?  The Government should be held accountable to the same Laws and Safety Standards as the People.  Pedestrian Right of Way Obstructions on Florida Sidewalks should be relocated in order to comply with established Sidewalk Obstruction Safety Standards.

In the above video how I think the FDOT is misrepresenting the ADA and committing Fraud and Conspiracy to Commit Fraud.

                      Post in the middle of the sidewalk obstructs
                      adaptive bicycle.

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