By Jeff Redding

You have inspired me. I hope these poems will inspire you to Contact Your Government and tell them that Utilities should not be in the middle of the Pedestrian Right of Way and Wheelchair Curb Cuts should not be placed Unmarked Mid-Block on busy roads.

Jaywalking Curb

Jaywalking Curb Cuts

Jaywalkers in Florida,
are killed every week.
SUV's run them down,
on our fast moving streets.

Mothers with babies,
and Ladies with walkers;
are prayed for,
by horrified gawkers.

They were using the Curb Cuts,
placed by the State.
Trying to cross,
but were sadly too late.

Jessy, Lily,
and Isabel too,
were killed in the Curb Cuts,
paid for by you.

By Jeff Redding

Government Greed

Government Greed

This is a Photo of Government Greed.
They don't understand a Pedestrians need.

I wish I could show them what it feels like.
To crash into this while riding a bike.
Or for the Blind to slam a Knee.
Why don't they have empathy?

Why did they give their permission?
What is wrong with our County Commission?

They say Evil will triumph,
when good men do nothing.
All that we ask,
is that you do something.

You'd save a lot,
in hospital fees.
If you moved them over,
just a few feet please.

- Jeff Redding -

Charlies Last Walk

Charlie's Last Walk

It was a rainbow type of day.
when Lynn and Charlie stepped away.

The rain had stopped, the sun came out.
Lynn grabbed the leash; "C'mon we're going out".

I must admit. that I had cried.
When I read about how Charlie died.

The volts ran through him, then he fell.
Lynn reached down, and was shocked as well.

He foamed from the mouth, and started to quiver.
Just reading this, made me shiver.

Charlie stepped on, a broken grate.
Placed on our sidewalk, by the State.

This is wrong, it's not fair.
That thing, shouldn't be there.

The City, nor the State did call,
to apologize, for Charlie's fall.

I don't really think they care,
except for their Contracted Billionaire.

When the sun returns, after a rain,
please think of; Lynn and Charlie's pain.

- By Jeff Redding

An Ode To Pete, by Jeff

An Ode to Pete

These wider roads,and Urban Sprawl.
Is out of control,and choking us all.

More Walkers and Riders are killed every year.
As they travel our roads, in justified fear.

And now we have a new leader named Pete.
He has a good record, he knows a Safe Street.

He's not controlled by Corporate Greed.
He doesn't come from a Rich Dynasty.

He didn't marry a Rich Billionaire.
He married for love to someone with care.

He wasn't hired thru Nepotism.
And, he doesn't believe in Ableism.

I really want to believe in you Pete..
Because I gotta walk on this F'n Street!

 - Jeff Redding 

Ice Cream

Eating Ice Cream

By Jeff Redding

I was digging and probing with nothing to lose.
cussing and drooling like a mad drunk on booze.

I thought;
Could it really be this darn cold,
or was I just getting old.

Just when I thought,
I was going to succeed.
I heard a loud sound,
and it was coming from me

I dropped the spoon to the floor,
and let out a scream.
Because I got a cramp,
eating Ice Cream.


I Turned 63

By Jeff Redding

It's been a rough year

filled with conflict and fear.

I've been trying to cope,

and I haven't lost hope

Mom went to Heaven,

and Dad moved away.

But we Zoom once a week,

and talk every day.

DoorDash deliveries,

and Amazon Prime.

Stuffing my face,

and wasting my time.

When I woke up last night,

and got up to Pee;

I looked in the mirror,

and said Happy Birthday to me.

Short Stories, etc ...

Please Pray For My
                  Dad Poem

Please Pray For My Dad. (Bill Redding)

Since my Mom passed away last year my 87 year old Dad has been having horrible nightmares. He was a Cop for over 30 years and the faces of the dead keep coming to him in his dreams.

He never shot or choked anyone.

He sees the 8 year old boy who's 12 year old brother accidentally shot half his head off with a shotgun.

He sees the body he had to remove after someone hung their self and wasn't found for two months in their apartment.

He sees the burned bodies after house and car fires

Dad says the worst dreams are when he sees the faces of their devastated family members.

Over 30 years of these faces.

This is PTSD. This is what keeps our 1st Responders, Cops, Fire Fighters and Paramedics up at night.

All Cops aren't bad. My Dad is My Hero.

Thanks For The

Thanks For The Shoes. By Jeff Redding

Back in the early 90's I taught myself basic web design  This was before Facebook and Twitter.  I designed a page that Linked together the Personal Homepages of Disabled People by type of Disability.  It had Message Boards and Voice Chat Rooms.  It became fairly popular getting about 60,000 page views per month.  For a while I was making a few hundred a month on commissions advertising medical supplies.

Anyway, about the shoes.  One day I got a big box in the mail with about 30 brand new shoes.  But not pairs of new shoes, 30 separate shoes, some left foot, some right foot, men's, women's, high heels, gym shoes, etc... The box had a letter from "Tiger / Teen Beat Magazine"  saying they were donating the shoes to me.  I don't think they had a webpage or email address.

I spoke with the few Amputees that I knew from the webpage and they said they buy pairs of shoes.  Apparently they like having a shoe for their Prosthetic Leg.

The box laid around the house for months.  I didn't know what to do with it.  Goodwill didn't want them. 

I imagined there was another guy somewhere with a Disability Related Webpage and a big box of the matching pairs sitting around his house.

I ended up putting them out with some trash and watched a metal scraper load them into his truck.

Thank you Tiger / Teen Beat Magazine, I know you had the best intentions.