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31 July 2020

Brad Bradley the FDOT ADA Coordinator and others at the FDOT should be held criminally accountable for ADA Fraud.

Recent Public Records Requests have revealed that since 2000 there were 4,500 Killed in Mid-Block Crosswalks that do not comply with Federal Safety Standards.  Since 2007 there have been 1,557 Killed in Unmarked Mid-Block Crosswalks that do not comply with Federal Safety Standards.

The only components of Unmarked Mid-Block Crosswalks are Wheelchair Curb Cuts.  This a Deadly Abuse of the Americans With Disability Act (ADA).  The FDOT also misrepresents the ADA to justify placing Utilities in the middle of the Pedestrian Right of Way rather than in the Utility Strip.  This is Criminal Fraud.

The FDOT is also not responding to Public Records Requests asking how many of the 4,500 and 1,557killed in Marked and Unmarked Mid-Block Crosswalks are women and children.

I read about the late FDOT OIG Inspector Raymond Lemme.  My condolences, sorry for your loss.

To review the evidence of the States Deadly ADA Fraud please visit:

Jeff Redding
- Pedestrian Safety Advocate
- Lifetime Member, Blinded Veterans of America
- Tha ADA Fraud Whistleblower
 - Twitter:  @ADAFRAUD

PS:  Same on Brad Bradley, the FDOT District Heads, and the Sarasota County Commission.  They should all know that Utilities should not be in the middle of sidewalks and Wheelchair Curb Cuts should not be placed Unmarked Mid-Block on busy high speed roads.

In memory of Jessica, Lillia, Isabel, Alexis, and the over 1,500 others killed in Florida's Misplaced Wheelchair Curb Cuts.

29 July 2020

RE:  Female and Child Deaths at Mid-Block Cross Marked and Unmarked?

Mr. Krumbholz:

It appears that you sent me the Image .pdf files of 153 Traffic Crash Reports from the year 2018.  You did not include any type of explanation letter with the image files.   It appears that the 153 crash reports may have occurred at non-intersections.  Why did you send me this instead of what I paid for?  And, why did you send a Blind person image files who specifically asked you not to?

Non-Intersection deaths in Florida in the past 25 years have increased from about 75% to almost 90%.  This is because the FDOT installs Mid-Block Crosswalks that are in violation of Federal Safety Standards.

Please fulfill the Public Records Request that I already paid for and tell me how many women and children are in the 4500 and 1,557 Fatalities at Marked and Unmarked Mid-Block Crosswalks.  

If you have any questions concerning this matter, all of my correspondence and evidence has been placed online.


Jeff Redding
- The ADA Fraud Whistleblower
Twitter:  @ADAFRAUD

July 28th, 2020

The FDOT charged me $104.17 for a  CD with 153  .pdf image files of Crash Reports.  I specifically asked them not to send me any image files because I was blind.  This is not what I asked or paid for.  Please contact the FDOT and tell them that you would also like to know how many of the 4500 and 1,557 killed are women and children. 

July 22nd, 2020


Are you going to reply and fulfill my Public Records Request and tell me how many Females have been killed in Florida's Marked and Unmarked Mid-Block Crosswalks?

Thank you,

July 16th, 2020

Mr. Krumbholz:

Perhaps my request will be easier to fulfill if I drop the age (adult/child) portion of the request.

Can you simply tell me how many of the 4500 ki8lled at Marked Mid-Block Crosswalks since 2000 are Female? And, how many of the 1,557 pedestrians killed since 2007 in Unmarked Mid-Block crosswalks are Female?

This is Public Information that the FDOT has which can be easily provided with a simple database query.



July 12th, 2020\

Dear Mr. Krumbholz:

I was able to open one of the files you sent.  I did not ask for, or pay for individual Crash Reports..  I asked for the Male/Female and Adult/Child Data to be extracted from my two previous Public Records Requests.  This is not complicated.  Why are you not fulfilling this simple request?  Please review the prior requests and email me the information requested.

If you do not understand this Request, then please let me help clear up any confusion.


Dear Mr. Krumbholz (FDOT) and Ms. McKenzie (DOT):

I am sorry you are having difficulty understanding my Records Request and will attempt to clearly clarify.  

I am researching Mid-Block Crosswalk Fatalities, Male vs Female, Adult vs Child, at Marked vs Unmarked Mid-Block Crosswalks on High Speed, High Traffic, Multiple Lane Roads..

The FDOT has responded to two previous Public Records Requests. 

1.  Between 2000 and 2019 the FDOT reported 4500 Fatalities at Marked Mid-Block Crosswalks.

2.  Between 2007 and 2019 The FDOT reported 1557 Fatalities at Unmarked Mid-Block Crosswalks.  The FDOT reported they have no Records for Fatalities at Unmarked Mid-Block Crosswalks prior to 2007.

I simply want to know of the two above Record Matches how many were Female, and how many were under 18 years of age?  There should be no charge for redaction and clerical costs.

This is Public Information that the FDOT and DOT can easily provide with a simple Database Query.  This Data should be released within a timely manner in accordance with Florida Sunshine Laws and the Freedom Of Information Act.

‚ÄčThank you for your time and consideration.  Please be safe out there.

Very Respectfully,