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Below is a mostly chronological history of my ADA and Pedestrian Safety Advocacy.  - ADA Fraud WhistleBlower -
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1989 - Medically Discharged from the Military after serving 12 years of Active Service as a Navy Yeoman..

1989 - 1994 - Fundraiser for Fire and Police Unions, U.S. Chamber of Commerce Representative, Board Member of National Disability Non-Profit and lobbied Congress for the passage of the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA)

1994 - Lost more vision and became "Legally Blind", moved to Sarasota, Florida in a nice neighborhood, with a four block walk to the Veterans Medical Clinic, a park, shopping, etc...
June 7th 2012 - I read how "Florida is the most corrupt State with 1,762 of Florida’s public officials have been convicted of public corruption since 1976. From 2000 to 2010, there have been an average of 71 convictions each year — and 107 convictions in 2000 alone, the worst year on record."  

Sidewalk Obstructions and ADA Fraud:

2003 - The FDOT obstructed the Pedestrian Right of Way by placing approximately 73 Light Posts in the middle of the Bee Ridge Road Sidewalk.

2005 - ABC News 7 airs a story about the obstructed sidewalk.  The FDOT at first told an ABC News Reporter that the posts were not obstructing the sidewalk, then the FDOT Representative said that they can place Utilities anywhere on the sidewalk as long as an average Wheelchair can pass by the post.  The FDOT is misrepresenting the ADA in order to justify violating long established Sidewalk Obstruction and Utility Placement Safety Standards.  This is ADA Fraud.

September 25th, 2018 - Lynn and Debbie McDermott's Great Pyrenees dog Charlie was electrocuted and killed while walking on the sidewalk.  Charlie had stepped on a FDOT Light Meter Pull Box. “He just started convulsing and shaking," described Lynn. "I put my hand down to try and grab his tail and my hand touched the top of the grate and it jolted me and at that moment I knew he was being electrocuted." ... "He started to foam at the mouth and at that time I knew it was pretty much too late,”

(Rest in Peace Charlie)

January 2006 - Sarasota was named "The Meanest City In America".  This was after the enactment of a Sidewalk Obstruction Ordinance to prevent Homeless People from sitting or camping on sidewalks.  However, Sarasota allows Billionaire Contractor (Alsup) to actually obstruct the sidewalk.


 - FHWA / Programs / Design / Geometric Design / Clear Zone and Horizontal Clearance 


Deadly Mid-Block Crosswalks (Misplaced Wheelchair Curb Cuts):

The ONLY components of an Unmarked/Uncontrolled Mid-Block Crosswalks are Wheelchair Curb Cuts.

December 2005 - FDOT Sponsored study by CUTR FSU.  An Analysis of Pedestrian Safety Programs with Recommendations for Plan Development.   "While existing evidence is still uncertain in whether placing midblock crosswalks at uncontrolled locations will improve pedestrian safety, the report has incorporated this uncertainty into the guidelines developed. The State Traffic Engineering and Operations Office is in the process of developing guidelines for placing midblock crosswalks at uncontrolled locations for the Traffic Engineering Manual. The results from this report could become an important source of information."

2014 - 2016 - The FDOT installs several "Pedestrian Safety Refuge Islands" on Bee Ridge Road in Sarasota, Florida.  While the FDOT promoted "Marked" Refuge Islands, they actually installed "Unmarked" Refuge Islands (Unmarked Wheelchair Curb Cuts) in locations that violate Federal Safety Standards. This is a Deadly Abuse of the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA).

2016 - Started the website PedestriansMater.org and began researching why so many Pedestrians were being killed attempting to cross Florida's Mid-Block Crosswalks.

October 5th, 2015, 17 year old Alexis Miranda and her friends were walking to Chamberlain High School.  Alexis was struck and killed while attempting to cross an Unmarked Mid-Block Crosswalk on Busch Blvd.

January 12th, 2018, 91 year old Isabel Triana was walking with the assistance of a walker.  Isabel was struck and killed when she attempted to cross an Unmarked Mid-Block Crosswalk on Dale Mabry Highway. 

(Rest in Peace Jessica and Lillia.)

May 23rd 2018, Jessica Raubenolt , 24, and her daughter, Lillia, 21 months, were visiting from Ohio.  Jessica was pushing Lllia in her baby stroller.  They were both killed while attempting to cross an Unmarked Mid-Block Crosswalk on  Bayshore Blvd.

It is irrelevant if these victims were struck by Racers or Hit and Run Drivers.  Would they still be alive today if the FDOT had not placed these Wheelchair Curb Cuts in locations that violate Federal Safety Standards

Mid-Block Crosswalks on High Speed, High Traffic, Multiple Lane Roads are very dangerous (over 4,500 killed since the year 2000) even if controlled by Push Button Yellow or Red Light Signals. 

December 22nd, 2019, Sophia Nelson (12), was killed attempting to cross State Road A1A at a Push Button Yellow-Flashing Signal in Satellite Beach Florida. 

January 30, 2020, FSU Student Natalie Nickchen (19), was killed attempting to cross West Tennessee Avenue in Tallahassee after pushing a Red Flashing Signal.

In my research I noticed that there seemed to be a disproportionate number of women and children being killed at Florida's Mid-Block Crosswalks, especially at Unmarked Mid-Block Crosswalks.

April 2018 - Study in the Journal of Traffic and Transportation Engineering shows that Males actually take more attempts to cross unmarked, uncontrolled mid-block crosswalks.  However, more Females are killed because Females cross slower than Males. 

January 2020 - Drafted two Legislative Bills (Please contact your Legislators)

Life Saving Legislation:

1.  The Jessica, Lillia, Isabel, Alexis, Pedestrian Safety Compliance Bill.  This Bill would relinquish control of Local Roads (roads with speed limits of 45mph and below) from the FDOT to Local Authorities (like in most other States).  This Bill would also require FDOT Employees to undergo training in the use of Unmarked Mid-Block Crosswalks and Pedestrian Safety Islands.

2.  The Sidewalk Obstruction Clear Zone Compliance Bill.  This Bill would require that State FDOT District ADA Coordinators have former Education and Work Experience in the ADA.  This Bill also requires FDOT Employees to undergo training in FHWA Clear Zone Safety Standards and ADA Wheelchair Pass By Standards.  In addition this Bill requires the FDOT to relocate Street Lamp Posts which violate FHWA Clear Zone Standards

FDOT Public Records Requests:

February 2020 - Started submitting Public Records Requests to the FDOT to determine how many Pedestrians have been killed in Mid-Block Crosswalks that violate Federal Safety Standards.

February 5th, 2020 - FDOT Public Records Request reports that approximately 4,500 Pedestrians have been killed attempting to cross "Mid-Block Crosswalks" since the year 2000.

February 15th, 2020 - FDOT Public Records Request reports that 1,557 Pedestrians have been killed attempting to cross "Unmarked Mid-Block Crosswalks" (Misplaced Wheelchair Curb Cuts) since the year 2007.

April 23rd, 2020 - sent FDOT a Public Records Request asking for the male/female, adult/child data be extracted from the two above Requests.

May 7th, 2020 -  sent FDOT check in the amount of $104.17, on 6/2/2020 check cleared (check #5606), as of 6/29/2020 still waiting for reply.

With the exception of FDOT Public Records Requests, nobody in the County, State, Federal Government, and even NGO's and Non-Profit Disability Advocacy Agencies has ever responded to this complaint.  Perhaps they don't reply because of Florida Sunshine Laws and their reply would be a Public Record   I can tell by my Web Stats that very few have bothered to visit this Website.  Perhaps this is because if you visit a website from a work computer or phone it will also be part of the Public Record. 

I know they hear my whistle. It is not a Dog Whistle, there have been WhistleBlower Retaliation.  They have blocked me from commenting on the Facebook Pages of Sarasota County, my County Commissioner, all FDOT Facebook Pages, and the FHWA Facebook Page.  So much for Free Speech.  My use of the SCAT Disabled Persons Bus Service has also been restricted to only going to the VA Bus Stop and back.

About 22 Veterans commit suicide every day.  I will never be one of them.  I also don't believe that FDOT OIG Investigator Raymond Lemme committed suicide.  (However, someday I may be run over by an Alsup Truck.) 

"If you see something, say something"

Government Officials wouldn't do anything about Fraud and Corruption if they walked right into it.  Oh yeah, they don't have to have to walk into it.  Jessica, Lillia, Isabel, and Alexis walked into their Corruption.  The McDermott's dog Charlie stepped on their Corruption.  Now they are all dead (and 130 to 225 others every year).

I spoke with local Pedestrian Safety Advocate Mike Lasche and was interviewed for National Pedestrian Safety Advocate John Wetmore's TV Show (pedestrians.org).  Neither would respond or Advocate against Misplaced Utilities and Wheelchair Curb Cuts. 

John said he showed up to interview me because of an email I sent him six years ago.  He also said he interviewed Mike Lasche for the Sarasota Segment of his Show.  Mike has since removed his name from his NonProfit Webpage.

I read an interesting Post on Mike's Facebook Page about AstroTurf Grassroot Org's.  Why won't they Advocate against ADA Fraud?  Why won't they respond?  Maybe they got the virus?  Maybe they are "Sell Outs".  Maybe "the Fix is In".

It is not just small org's.  I have also never received a response from large org's like the ACLU, DAV, BVA, etc...

Maybe it is just me being paranoid.  Maybe the Light Posts aren't on the sidewalk.  Maybe 1,557 Pedestrians didn't die in Florida's Misplaced Wheelchair Curb Cuts.  What do you think?

"I think they are all a bunch of Cowards who are too afraid to remove their Puppet Masters Fingers from their Rectums!"
- anonymous


"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." 
- Edmund Burke