Florida's Fake Crosswalks (Deadly Wheelchair Curb Cuts & ADA Fraud)

Florida's Fake Crosswalks
(Deadly Wheelchair Curb Cuts & ADA Fraud)
(1,557 Unmarked Wheelchair Curb Cut Deaths since 2007)
(How many are women and children?  The FDOT wont tell!)

Jessica and
                    Lillia, Rest in Peace

(This is Jessica and Lillia, may they Rest in Peace.)

For many years the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) has misrepresented and abused the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA).  The FDOT obstructs sidewalks and places Wheelchair Curb Cuts in very dangerous locations.

Wheelchair Curb Cuts should be located at crosswalks, and not Unmarked Mid-Block on high speed multiple lane roads.

"Misplaced Curb Cut Effect" = Misplaced Curb Cuts don't kill Wheelchair Users they kill Mothers with Baby Strollers (Jessica & Lillia), Elderly Women with Walkers (Isabel), and School Children (Alexis).

Local and State Governments ignore Federal Safety Standards because Safety Standards are not Laws.  The FDOT and County know that there is no penalty or consequences for violating Federal Safety Standards and their Contractors make millions installing Non-Compliant Crosswalks.

However, I believe the Local and State Governments are violating the ADA and the ADA is Law.  ADA Fraud is Criminal.  ADA Fraud is Deadly.

We need your help!

(You don't need to be Disabled or from Florida to file an ADA Fraud Complaint.  We need as many people as possible to file complaints or the FDOT will continue to install Deadly Wheelchair Curb Cuts and will continue to obstruct our sidewalks.)

Please join us in filing ADA Fraud Complaints with the USDOJ and the FBI. (1,557 counts of manslaughter)

Please file an ADA Fraud Complaint with the USDOJ Civil Rights Department  (1-855-856-1247).

Please file an ADA Fraud Complaint resulting in 1,557 deaths Tip to the National FBI Office or Florida FBI,
(904) 248-7000 (email:

Please contact the Law Firm Morgan & Morgan (877-906-7509) and ask them to file a Class Action or False Claims Act Lawsuit against the FDOT. They might have the resources to hold the FDOT accountable.

De-Fund the FDOT!

Local Authorities should control Local Roads.  Ask your Florida Legislators to sponsor the Jessica, Lillia, Isabel, Alexis Pedestrian Safety Bill

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Click on the Fake Crosswalks Link to read about Mothers with Baby Strollers (Jessica and Lillia), elderly women using walkers (Isabel), and school children (Alexis).  They were all killed while attempting to cross Unmarked / Uncontrolled Mid-Block Crosswalks (misplaced Wheelchair Curb Cuts). 

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Q: When is a Contractor allowed to place Utilities in the Pedestrian Right of Way rather than in the Utility Strip?

A: When the Contractor is owned by one of the Richest Families in America #Alsupwww.pedestriansmatter.org - @ADAFRAUD 

Utility Post obstruct Pedestrian Right of
                        Way in front of Blind Pedestrian

"If you see something, say something!"

The Sidewalk Obstructions Link shows how the FDOT misrepresents the ADA to justify placing Light Posts in the middle of sidewalks rather than in the Utility Strip.  This is ADA Fraud.

Every year Nationwide about twice as many Male Pedestrians are killed than Female Pedestrians.  Why are there so many Females being killed in Florida's Mid-Block Crosswalks?  

FDOT Public Records Requests

I have submitted two Public Records Requests asking for Data pertaining to Deaths at Mid-Block Crosswalks (Marked and Unmarked) on High Traffic, High Speed, Multiple Lane Roads.  Mid-Block Crosswalks at these locations violate Federal Safety Standards.  The Records Request resulted in 4,500 and 1557 matching Records. 

Please contact the FDOT and tell them that you would also like to know how many of the 4500 and 1,557 killed are women and children. 

Please Note:  The only components of an Unmarked Mid-Block Crosswalk are Wheelchair Curb Cuts.  This a Deadly Abuse of the ADA.

There should be a Congressional Investigation concerning  Pedestrians who have been killed attempting to cross Mid-Block Crosswalks that are in violation of Federal Safety Standards.

Click on the Photos Link to view photos how the sidewalk has been obstructed, and see Google Street Views of the 12 "Pedestrian Safety Islands" recently installed on Bee Ridge Road in Sarasota, Florida.  This misplacement of Light Posts and Wheelchair Curb Cuts violates Federal Safety Standards. 

ADA Fraud vs ADA Compliance

This is an ADA Fraud Complaint because the FDOT is misrepresenting ADA Wheelchair Pass By Compliance as the  Governing Authority in the placement of Utilities.  Utilities belong in the Utility Strip, not in the Pedestrian Right of Way.  This ADA Fraud is Unlawful, and is directly responsible for many pedestrian injuries.

Light Post in the middle of the
                            Pedestrian Right of Way. Next to empty
                            Utility Strip.

If you agree with this evidence of ADA Fraud, then please file a complaint.  Tell these Government Officials that they are misrepresenting the Americans With Disabilities Act.  Utility Poles belong in the Utility Strip, not in the Pedestrian Right of Way.   Wheelchair Curb Cuts belong at Intersections, not in the middle of the block.

Pedestrian Safety Compliance Violations

1.  ADA Fraud (misrepresenting the ADA to justify violating long established Federal Safety Standards)

2.  Violation of FHWA Clear Zone Standards (see item 6).  (Placing Utilities in the Pedestrian Right of Way  

3.  Violation of  FHWA Above Ground Utility Structure Placement Standards.

4.  Violation of Marked vs Unmarked Mid-Block Crosswalk Safety Standards (installing Deadly Wheelchair Curb Cuts Mid-Block)

5.  Violation of the False Claims Act. (Falsely claiming that Utilities should be located in the Pedestrian Right of Way and that Wheelchair Curb Cuts should be located Unmarked Mid-Block.)

6.  Violation of the Architectural Barrier Act of 1968.  (Obstructing the Pedestrian Right of Way in front of the Veterans Medical Clinic.)

The Smart Growth America, Dangerous By Design 2019 Report ranked the 104 largest U.S. metro areas according to a “Pedestrian Danger Index,”  9 of the top 10 most dangerous metropolitan areas were in Florida.  A September 25th, 2018 Wall Street Journal Article shows how Florida is also by far the deadliest State for Cyclist.

Jeff Speck, City Planner and Author of Walkable City... said; "the reason why the deadliest state to be a pedestrian is in Florida is because more city streets in Florida belong to the state than in probably any other state. ... When you're a hammer, everything looks like a nail, and when you're a state highway engineer, everything looks like a highway — even if it's a local main street for shopping."


Ivestigative Reporter Wanted

FOIA the Data from the FDOT. 
Find the names of others who have been killed. 
Expose the truth.

One of Florida's Deadly Unmarked
                              Mid-Block crosswalks

(Utility Posts belong in the Utility Strip not in the middle of the sidewalk.)
(Wheelchair Curb Cuts belong at Intersections, not on the sides of busy high speed roads.)

Roadway Safety Experts Needed

Confirm the Safety Compliance Violations.

Blind Pedestrian on sidewalk
                              obstructed by Utility Post.

"If you see something, say something" - unknown

Social Media / Events Coordinator Wanted

​Help with Social Media.  Organize Protest Rides or Sidewalk Protests.

Utility Post
                            obstructs sidewalk.

Between 2000 and 2010, there were  1,792 Public Officials convicted of Public Corruption, and that was just in Florida.  I wish The HuffPost would do a follow story.  How many arrests have there been in the past 20 years?  Is there no more corruption, or are the corrupt now in charge?

                                being passed under the table